Engineer by day and photographer by night (and weekends).  If you know me then you know I like to tell a good story now and again (and again, and again, and well you get the idea).  I’ve decided to create a little photo blog to tell the stories behind some of the photographs I’ve taken or sometimes just to ramble on about nothing.  I hope you enjoy.  And if you happen to see a picture on my website that you’d like to know about.  Just ask!

A little more about me…..

I grew up near Boston and joined the Army when I was 19. After being stationed in Georgia for a couple of years, I attended college at Young Harris College and then Georgia Tech. I have a BS and MS in Civil Engineering. After living in the Southeast for most of my adult life, my wife and I recently moved to small town in Illinois that I like to say is east metro-east St. Louis.  We live in a cornfield with our house full of animals.  Two of my big loves (besides my wife and the red sox [yes honey in that order]) are traveling and taking photos (these 2 go along great together, but I haven’t figured out where my other big love in life, oreo cookies, fits in, but I’m working on it).