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Great Balls of Ice

OK, went a little off the tracks with the title, but oh well.  Trying to start a new thread to help move on to the next thing.  Don’t have a lot of stuff to write about tonight as I’m trying to get stuff ready for the trip this weekend. We had a voucher to use […]

118 Members of Wedding Party Eaten By Wolves

Back to the blogosphere.  The wife and I had gone camping for the Christmas so we’ve been away from the computer for a few days.  Yes, camping in winter, I know crazy, but it ‘s nice to get back to nature once in a while.  Ok, we camped in our cool retro 1955 Silver Streak […]

Back to Alaska – The Twins

Its been said that one of the most dangerous situations when around bears in the wild, is when its a mama with her cubs (or cub).  We were lucky enough to witness a couple instances of mamas with cubs while out at McNeil River Game Sanctuary.  One of them constituted one of the few times […]

1st Night at McNeil (Part II)

So first order of business after getting back to camp and selecting a tent-site was to have a group meeting with the “new arrivals” and the staff.   There were five of us in all coming in.  The meeting was was to lay out all the rules we needed to follow to keep us safe, […]

1st Night at McNeil (Part I)

For those that don’t know, this past summer I was very fortunate to have a chance of a lifetime for anyone who enjoys the great outdoors and the wildlife it sustains.  On a whim after reading a short paragraph in my Outdoor Photographer Magazine last winter I decided to enter the lottery that is run […]