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Lower Antelope Slot Canyon

As promised a photograph from Lower Antelope Slot Canyon.  For more information on the Slot Canyons check out my post the bear.  The previous two posts and photos had to do with Upper Antelope Slot Canyon, which is arguably the more well photographed one. The Lower antelope , while almost across the road from Upper, […]

The Bear

I know it sounds like another Alaska post, but its actually not.  Don’t worry, there’s lots more of those to come though.  I’m still reveling in my new status as spammer magnet.  This is what I have to look forward to?  At least they could take some English classes prior to trying to post a […]

The Wave

That’s what everyone calls it when they first look at it.  “Is that a wave?”  I admit, it does sort of look like a wave with some stop action photography.  But no unfortunately its not.  This is one of my ode to one of my favorite photographers, Art Wolfe.  I call this photo, “The Mississippi […]


A friend and I went out one day to find something to take pictures of.  This is when I was living in Northeast Florida, yes probably a little bit warmer than where I am now.  So she said she had remembered that there were these old old cars parked in someone’s yard about 45 minutes […]