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In Search of Bonsai Rock

So the plan for day 2 was to end up at Lake Tahoe for sunset.  I had come across some photos online of a pretty cool rock formation on the eastern shore of the lake that would be a pretty nice foreground subject. It was named as Bonsai Rock because of the small tree with […]

McClures Beach at Sunset

More day one stuff since it’s late and I don’t have time for a long post.  Most of the first day was spent at Point Reyes National Seashore after a morning drive by the Golden Gate bridge to see if the fog had lifted.  Not great light. So with a stop by REI to pick […]

The Wave

That’s what everyone calls it when they first look at it.  “Is that a wave?”  I admit, it does sort of look like a wave with some stop action photography.  But no unfortunately its not.  This is one of my ode to one of my favorite photographers, Art Wolfe.  I call this photo, “The Mississippi […]