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Visions of Half Dome

Wow, it’s been a week since I’ve been able to blog.  OK, maybe not able, but maybe in the zone to blog. But a night spent in the hot tub on a cold windy night will tend to relax oneself.  I think it’s the first time we used it this year so we need to […]

A Night at Mono Lake

So after rejoicing in the fact that I survived the trip to Bonsai Rock, we headed off to Mono Lake where we were going to spend the night and wait for sunrise.  Mono Lake is situated in the high Sierras on the eastern side of California. Mono Lake Basin is situated at an elevation of […]

Great Balls of Ice

OK, went a little off the tracks with the title, but oh well.  Trying to start a new thread to help move on to the next thing.  Don’t have a lot of stuff to write about tonight as I’m trying to get stuff ready for the trip this weekend. We had a voucher to use […]

The Wave

That’s what everyone calls it when they first look at it.  “Is that a wave?”  I admit, it does sort of look like a wave with some stop action photography.  But no unfortunately its not.  This is one of my ode to one of my favorite photographers, Art Wolfe.  I call this photo, “The Mississippi […]