The Long Walk

It seems like everywhere I went on the trip to Olympic National Park area I had to walk 2 to 3 miles to get anywhere.  Thankfully the restrooms were much closer on the rest of the trip than that first day.  My next adventure isn’t nearly as humorous so hopefully the photo makes up for it.

After my 4 days and 3 nights of utter isolation at Shi Shi Beach, I decided it was time to move on after I caught myself running up and down the beach yelling “WILSON, WILSON, WHERE ARE YOU?”  Seriously, if you want some time alone to think, Shi Shi Beach in April just may be the ticket.  I did happen to see someone wonder by on day 2, but otherwise, the off season there can be quite, let’s say, free of humanity.

It was kinda nice at first, but the beauty just seemed like it should be shared with someone.  And strangely enough my blackberry still worked, although it said “International” on the top…..I guess I was that close to Canada.  I was a little worried that the random texts I would get were probably costing me $5 a piece, but low and behold no international roaming charges ever showed up.

Did I mention I digress sometimes?  Anyways, next stop was Mora Campground at Rialto Beach, near the community of La Push.  Apparently, La Push and nearby Forks, are the home of Twilight.  If its not something you know before you get there, you can’t help but know afterward.  I certainly didn’t know before.

I almost want to watch the movie to see how they portray the town.  It was a quaint little fishing/tourist village, but a little bit on the depressing side.  A fair bit of disrepair from what I could tell on Main Street, a spare streetside washing machine here or a dishwasher there.  A little Sanford and Son’s yard art.  You figured the movie folks would pump a little effort into helping the town out instead of just getting rich off of it.

So this photo was taken near Split Rock which is on the North end of Rialto Beach, about 2 miles from the parking area.  A nice short day hike in soft sugar sand. I definitely recommend a little bit more physical conditioning before partaking on these adventures, especially when lugging around 30-40 pounds of camera gear.  Oh and did I mention the 25 pound piece of drift wood I couldn’t live without.  Maybe someday it’ll end up in a blog if I figure out what to make out of it.  Something turned on the lathe I think.

Anyways, I left camp and headed out down the beach about mid-morning and hung out all day.  Thus far in the trip, I had been stymied by rather dull sunsets.  It was either overcast or perfectly clear devoid of any color.  But this day I was finally rewarded with mother nature’s glory.  I hope you enjoy.

The Wild Coast

Canon 40d, ISO 400, Sigma 10-22 set at 10 mm, f22, 1/2 sec, Grad ND filter, Manfrotto Tripod and Head

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  1. Amy says:

    This photo is amazing…just purely amazing. And for anyone else reading this post, it is one of Tom’s most popular prints that he sells at art shows.

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